VR+ 2.5.7

With VR+: Voice Recorder BlackBerry 4.2 OS owners can record voice messages and e-mail them to their contacts to be played back in mp3 format on their PC, cellular phones or handhelds. Record, Stop, Save, Send and your voice recording is on its way to the recipient.

Key Features:

  • Record, Stop, Pause and Play all conveniently arranged. Execute any of the commands without going to the menu.
  • Integrated in BlackBerry Messages client. Compose a message with VR+, send it to anybody from Address Book and reply using VR+.
  • Start recording at the application startup.
  • Group the records by the date or by categories.
  • Sending sound message as a URL - optional opportunity.
  • Select the theme to fit your mood.
  • Helpful tips. Pop-up tips for easy work with the application.
  • Allocate memory for the recordings. Select how much memory will be used to store the recordings.
  • Support and Feedback. Send the support request and feedback directly from the application.

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